Panton Hill Winery

145 Manuka Road
Panton Hill 3759
Victoria Australia
T +61 3 9719 7342
M 0408 101 523

Wedding Photo Location

Venue available for wedding photos for the price of a case of wine.

Small Group Events

Panton Hill Winery is available for hire for smaller winery events. BBQ or Picnics by arrangement. Winery education/tours by arrangement.

Disabled Access

Photo/Film Location

Panton Hill is a flexible location for a huge variety of photo shoots. The launch of a new seasons Italian menswear catalogue, a French Perfume, a new model car or beautiful Provincial French furniture. Four short movies including one destined for the Cannes Film Festival have been shot at Panton Hill Winery. Possibilities are endless.


3rd Weekend of October Every Year
11am-5pm, 20th & 21st October 2018

Open Cellars Spring 2018 brochure

As always, simple Mediterranean style food including grazing platters, pizzas and a hearty Tuscan beef dish accompanied by warm, crusty parmesan and garlic bread and salad dressed with a Muscat Vinegarette. There will be home made desserts including a Tiramisu containing Panton Hill Aromatica.

Expect excellent wine tastings with 10 wines available to try, including aged reds and whites, sparkling and fortified. We will be releasing our 2014 limited edition Sparkling Blanch du Noir with a special price of $5 off being offered on the Open Cellars weekend. Booking for numbers over 4 recommended if you would like to eat.

Image of the 2018 Yarra Valley Open Cellars Winter brochure


3rd Weekend of June Every Year
11am to 5pm, 16th & 17th June 2018

Open Cellars 2018 brochure