Panton Hill Winery

145 Manuka Road
Panton Hill 3759
Victoria Australia
T +61 3 9719 7342
M 0408 101 523

Weekend Food at Panton Hill

You’ll discover the personal touch and real family hospitality any time you visit Panton Hill Winery. The unique and beautiful buildings are evocative of Southern Europe, but in an Australian bush setting.

On a hot day the buildings are refreshingly cool. If its cold you can enjoy the huge open fire. Outside you’ll find a lovely courtyard with views of bush, vineyard and gardens. The perfect place to sit back, relax, chat and enjoy a glass of our excellent estate produced wine, accompanied by some of our rustic, Italian style food.

See Our Weekend Menu Here - Booking Recommended For Groups of 4 & Over

Panton Hill Winery Weekend Menu

(GF) Please Order Food at the tasting area and enjoy a wine tasting while awaiting the arrival of your food.

Pizza - $18

Potato, garlic, fresh rosemary, cheese

Fresh Tomato & Basil pesto, leaves

Margherita - tomato, bocconcini, basil

Kid’s with Nonna’s tomato sauce, cheese

Olive Tapenade

Classico with salami, split olives, garlic, cheese + tomato - spicy option with Jalapeno peppers

Pork and Fennel - classic Venetian flavors of pork and home grown fennel

Black Forest – Black Forest ham, smoked Scamorza and marinated mushrooms.

Smoky Kransky sauerkraut, mustard

Weekend Special Pizza - See Weekend Special chalk board

Antipasto Platter - $30

Snack for two - meal for one

Creamy herb and garlic marinated feta, assorted locally made cheeses and specialty meats, marinated olives, mushrooms and other antipasti which may change with the seasons, accompanied by warm dipping breads.

Small Antipasto Platter - $15

Olives - 4 kinds, creamy garlic and herb marinated feta & warm dipping breads

Panton Hill Desserts & Drinks

Desserts - $10

Warm with icecream:

Sticky Date Pudding

Coconut and Raspberry Slice (Almond Meal) (GF)

Chocolate Walnut Brownie (Almond Meal) (GF)

Tiramisu made with our Aromatica Liqueur (a generous serve - could be shared) - $12

Liqueur Dessert Combination

Chocolate Chilli Slice + Aromatica Liqueur - $15

Blue or White Castello Cheese & Crackers + glass of 20 yr old Muscat Liqueur or Chardonnay Liqueur - $15

Cheese varieties may vary - please ask

Cheese Board - $30

Assorted, locally produced Artisanal cheeses, creamy garlic and herb marinated feta, rose-hip paste, preserved figs and walnuts , crackers and dipping breads.

Drinks - by the glass

Wine - $8 Beer - $6 Liqueur - $10

Bottle Fermented Sparkling Shiraz - $12

2010 Traditional Bottle Fermented Pinot Chardonnay - $12
**All Sparkling varieties - 2 glasses to open**

Liqueur $10 per glass

20yr old Muscat - $12