Panton Hill Winery

145 Manuka Road
Panton Hill 3759
Victoria Australia
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Gift Certificates

Enjoy a wine tasting for two of our wide range of biologically produced wines: red, white, dry, sweet & fortified. Then choose a bottle of red or white to savour with our generous and delicious gourmet platters for two perhaps in front of the fire or out in our beautiful Mediterranean courtyard...

Great for Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas

Or create a voucher with us to your price, specifications and content! For example, for $100 you could enjoy a Champagne lunch or brunch which would include a bottle of Orams Reef Methode Champenoise and special Champagne platter for two, and the choice of anything in the Panton Hill Liqueur or wine range to take home afterwards. Call us on +61 3 9719 7342

Gift Voucher $75 (inc GST)

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$75 (inc GST)

Gift Voucher $85 (inc GST)

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Gift Voucher $100 (inc GST)

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Wine Decanter-Aerator

Wine Decanter $35 (inc GST) + $7.00 P&H

We have enjoyed using this hand held wine decanter for over two years now.When many wines are first opened(whites included), they are described as being “closed”, not so soft....not displaying all of their lovely flavours and nuances...

We say they need to breath and  “open up”. This happens with time, or decanting can speed things along. Opening the bottle early just lets the top bit breath, a large carafe lets it all breath, but then all of it needs to be drunk, and I don’t like cleaning tannin stains out of carafes!

The Magic Decanter allows you to test any bottle you open by first tasting a mouth full of un-decanted wine, then pouring a second taste through the decanter. Your nose and tongue will be the guide, and you can decide which you prefer. In most cases, if the wine has some cellar potential, you’ll vote for the decanter. We find it pulls back the dominance that acid and tannins often have in a newly opened bottle. This leaves room for us to pick up the more subtle, delicate and fruity tones. The overall effect is to have the rough edges smoothed off and be able to enjoy more rounded and integrated flavours in the wine. Don’t forget to test at each new pour, as wines open up and breath at different rates. The beauty of this device is that the wine drinker chooses according to his preference.

A quick rinse under the tap is all the care required. If tannin stains build up, a bottle brush will easily remove them. Don’t put in the dish-washer.

Aerators are very reasonably priced ($35) at Panton Hill Winery or here for $35 plus $7 postage. Great for presents... great to have one yourself!

Please call us on +61 3 9719 7342 to order or click on the 'add to cart' button below.

Wine Packs

Handmade and local Panton Hill wine makes an ideal any-Day surprise.

Boxed in a handsome wooden presentation case, you can choose from any wine within our range. All enquiries, please phone:

+61 3 9719 7342